The Erasmus+ project EUROPENEURS, European Young Entrepreneurs, comes as an answer to the need of training young European students to be people with a proactive attitude when facing the challenges and opportunities that life offers them at the present and will offer them in the future. There are people who are and act naturally in this way, with an entrepreneurial attitude which drives them throughout their lives. However, in the majority of the cases, the learning and the training we have received condition our way of facing the situations ahead of us. Therefore, the partners in this association of schools believe that by providing the young people with a good training in entrepreneurship, they will undergo a change of vital attitude: not conforming to reality as it is but transforming it and molding it to bring happiness to people.
Moved by this belief, we have designed a project whose objective is to train young European students to develop an entrepreneurial attitude in all their vital aspects: personal, educational, social and working areas.
They will learn to identify their assets and strong points, to collaborate with the rest of the young Europeans in the generation of creative ideas as answer to international challenges and to use communication strategies to present their ideas. They will, definitely, receive the suitable training and will put them into practice experiencing thus that they are capable of transforming the reality they have chosen to alter. Finally, these young students will have a better preparation to become generators of jobs for themselves and for the others. This is, nowadays, a priority in many European countries and this can be an adequate answer to this need.

Colegio Carmelitas Sagrado Corazón Ikastetxea

Cooperativa Maria Consolatrice - SCUOLA REGINA MUNDI

Elektrenu profesinio mokymo centras

Gimnazjum nr 1 im. Janusza Kusocinskiego w Ostrolece

Agios Georgios Lyceum, Larnaca

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